Content Creator

There is nothing better than seeing you love and wear your Luniva Collection jewellery.

I would love to offer you the opportunity to create some content which I can use on social media, ads or email marketing in exchange for a store voucher.

If you enjoy taking 'insta-worthy' photos and videos here's some criteria...

- Content must be taken with good lighting 
- Unfiltered is preferred for photography so I can apply our social media filter presets. Filters are fine for video content. 
- Work within our brand colour scheme for backgrounds and clothing which is light pinks, peaches, neutrals, whites and denim.
- Please send video content without music due to copyrighting restrictions. 

 Content Ideas
- Unboxing your Luniva Collection order
- How to style your jewellery
- Talk about what the pieces mean to you (we love an emotional connection)
- The story behind your order
- Stack Of The Day
- Fashion/Outfit trends 

All content must be emailed to hello@lunivacollection.com for approval.
If your content is approved you will receive a store voucher. 

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