About Us

Hey Loves! 

If you're interested.. here's a little about me and the beginning of Luniva Collection.

In September of 2020 I was in craft store & picked up a few bags of plastic beads. I made myself some bracelets with my daughters names on them. I was in love! However after a week or so they all faded, so I made it my mission to find good quality beads that were beautiful, affordable and would last.

With some encouragement from friends and family I decided to create an Instagram page and start a small business, which is what has lead us here! I literally hit the ground running, had no idea what I was in for but it has honestly been a dream come true. 

I've been a stay at home mum for the last 6 years and it's honestly so nice to have finally found something that clears the mind and sparks my inner creative joy. Beading is so therapeutic to me! It also means I still get to home with the girls and work on my passion at the same time. 

Your support has been amazing & I am so grateful for every order!

Thanks for joining in on the ride.

Bianca x

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